Vinyl Fence

Want a one-and-done fence that’s affordable and five times stronger than wood?

Vinyl fences are easy, flexible, and will never fade or wear out. Many homeowners don’t want to be burdened with fence care, which is why so many Illinoisans turn to our vinyl options. Vinyl is moisture-resistant, eco-friendly, and can be customized to match the color of your home.
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Why Choose Vinyl Fencing

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Are you on a tight budget? Vinyl fences are among the cheapest options for residential and commercial fencing.

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Vinyl fences won’t rot and are free of harmful chemicals. Plus, they’ll last a lifetime—which means you’re getting a bang for your buck.

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Easy to Wash

If fence cleaning is a concern, then you’re in luck. Washing a white vinyl fence is simple, requiring only soap and water.

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Vinyl is a synthetic material that can be colored to match your home or business. Many clients request white panels.

Vinyl Fence Services

There’s no need to stress about fence repair. Get reliable fence installation, repair, and maintenance services when you need them most. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Pictures of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fence installation is easy—especially when Northwest Cedar Products is installing it. Simply choose your fence, obtain a permit, and let our fence experts handle the rest. Check out our Gallery for more white vinyl fence photos! 

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Vinyl Semi-Private

Get all the privacy you want without shutting out neighbors completely with a vinyl semi-private fence. The standard white vinyl fence panels typically includes small gaps between pickets, but you can have them spread a bit further for a more open feel. These gaps also allow wind to flow through, helping ensure strong gusts can’t interfere with lawn ornaments or gardens. You can even choose the shadow box style—the good neighbor fence as it’s known—which features identical sides and maintains your privacy.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

This is the most popular kind of privacy fence for a reason. A white vinyl privacy fence offers defense against wandering animals and unwanted guests while also keeping children and pets safe in your yard. Its solid posts create a layer of privacy so your family can enjoy some time outside without nosey neighbors peeking in. There are several styles to choose from that can elevate the look of your yard. Browse between colors like white, sandstone, and khaki, and put your personal touch on it by adding post caps or designs.

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Vinyl Fence Styles

• Vinyl Lattice

Offering minimal privacy and smooth surfaces and a typical thickness of .25 inches, this style is low maintenance and resists mold growth and pests.

• Vinyl Picket Fence

Most people go with this classic style for curb appeal. Choose between varying post heights or a uniform look.

• Vinyl Rail Fence

Sometimes called ‘split rail’ or ‘ranch rail,’ this style is usually found on ranches but is gaining popularity in the suburbs, especially if you need a strong fence to house large animals.

• Horizontal Fence

This type of fence is becoming more popular for its contemporary style. Make the vinyl fence panels a private or semi-private fence to suit your needs.

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