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Common Reasons for Fence Repairs

Fences get a lot of challenges thrown their way. Common reasons for fence repairs include:
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Broken Panels

One of the most common—and easiest—fixes is a broken panel. Wooden fence panels are most susceptible to damage. All we have to do is simply replace the damaged board with a new one. Our team also offers chain-link fence repair.
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Fences fade over the years. Give your fence a refresh and breathe new life into those old boards with Northwest Cedar Products’ expert staining services.
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Warping & Splintering

Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from its surroundings. On the other hand, fences can splinter if the air is too dry. Consider a cedar fence for easy moisture adaptability and resistance to rot.
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Termites are tyrannical little trespassers that love to wreak havoc on beautiful wood fences. Get in touch with us to learn more about termite treatment, panel replacement, and regular preventive check-ups.

Types of Fence Repairs

We may not have built every single fence out there, but when it comes to fence repairs of any kind, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to restore your fence or gate to its former glory by assessing the damage and making the best possible recommendations.

Our fence repairs include, but are not limited to:

And More!

How To Repair a Fence

A fence isn’t exactly a one-and-done deal. As fences age, they need regular maintenance to ensure longevity. If you want to maintain your curb appeal, then you should learn about fence upkeep and repairs. 

If you’re unsure about the kind of maintenance or repairs your fence needs, then you’re in the right place. This page provides valuable guidance on how to fix a fence. Let’s take a look at the three most common types of fences: cedar, vinyl, and aluminum.


Wood fences, particularly those made of cedar, are extremely popular and known for their timeless charm. However, as strong as cedar may be, it’s still vulnerable to the elements. If you don’t want rotted posts or broken panels, then continue reading to learn about the most common cedar fence repairs. Check out the Pros and Cons of a Cedar Fence.

Common Cedar Fence Repair

Post Replacement

Over time, cedar fence posts can rot, causing the entire fence to lean. This repair involves removing the old post and installing a new one securely.


Sometimes individual fence panels become damaged due to powerful winds, direct impacts, or even rot. This repair involves removing the damaged panel and installing a new one without the need to replace the whole fence.

Leaning Fence 

A leaning fence can be caused by various factors, including rotten posts, loose hinges, and soil erosion. If your entire fence is leaning, contact Northwest Cedar to mitigate the damages.

Repairing a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are known for their durability and low maintenance—but that doesn’t make them maintenance-free. Homeowners who choose vinyl fences often seek a fence that they don’t have to worry about; however, vinyl fences can still accumulate their share of repair issues.

Common Vinyl Fence Repairs


If your vinyl fence develops cracks or holes, they can be repaired to maintain the fence’s integrity. This repair involves filling the damaged area and restoring the fence’s appearance.

Replacing Broken Fence Post

When a fence post breaks, it compromises the stability of the entire fence. This repair involves removing the broken post and installing a new one securely.

Fence Rail Installation  

In some cases, a damaged or missing fence rail may need replacement. This repair involves removing the old rail and installing a new one to ensure the fence’s structural integrity.

Repairing an Aluminum Fence

One of the most attractive advantages of an aluminum fence is its rust resistance.  Homeowners who want the look of wrought iron often opt for black aluminum fences. That being said, aluminum fences need their fair share of maintenance to maintain a strong and sturdy foundation.

Common Aluminum Fence Repairs

Squeaking Hinges 

As your aluminum fence ages, the hinges can become squeaky. This quick fix involves lubricating or replacing the hinges. Try WD-40.

Damaged Gate

If your aluminum fence gate is damaged or isn’t opening, then a call to Northwest Cedar Fence Company is in order. We can inspect your aluminum gate and decide whether or not you need a replacement.

Damaged Post

A damaged post can cause an aluminum fence to lean. If you spot a damaged post, contact our team for a full fence assessment. Depending on the severity, we’ll recommend either a fence repair or replacement.

Repair Your Fence With Northwest Cedar Fence Company

Still wondering how to repair a fence and need extra help? If you’ve attempted fence repair yourself and are stumped, then a call to Northwest Cedar Fence Company is in your favor. We employ experienced fence builders that can handle a wide range of fence repair needs. Whether you got a fence from us or elsewhere, we’re here for you.

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