How much Does a Fence Cost?

Fence Cost

Are you interested in a new fence but unsure about the cost? You’re in the right place. Our fence installation cost estimator will tell you how much your new fence will be.

Northwest Cedar Fence Company offers a variety of private and semi-private vinyl, cedar, and aluminum fences for all budgets. Want to add some style and an extra layer of protection? Consider adding post caps and gates to your new fence.

vinyl fence with post caps
cedar fence with gate and black hinges

Fence Installation Cost Factors

Adding a new fence to your property is exciting, but determining the cost can be confusing. Below are several factors that will impact the final price of your new vinyl, cedar, or aluminum fence.

How To Save Money on Fence Installation

Whether you’re on a budget or want to save a buck, you have options. Vinyl fences are typically much cheaper to install than cedar or aluminum fences. You can also save money by:

vinyl fence gate


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