Black Aluminum Fence

Black Aluminum Fence in Chicagoland

A black aluminum fence is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and provide the same strength as a wrought iron fence—without the maintenance.

Whether you’re interested in added security, boosting curb appeal, or want to protect your pool or garden in style, our aluminum black fence delivers long-lasting rust-free protection. There are many pros to an iron fence.

aluminum fence gate

Why Choose a Black Aluminum Gate

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Aluminum fences are bold, beautiful, and as strong as a wrought iron fence.

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Clean & Simple

If you love clean lines, then an aluminum fence is for you. Enjoy the minimalistic simplicity of a resilient fence.

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Wrought iron fences rust, which can be a turn-off for many homeowners. Aluminum fences will never rust.

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Low Maintenance

If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance fence that mimics the sturdiness of iron, then aluminum is for you.

Backyard Black Aluminum Fence for Less

There’s no need to pay high prices for wrought iron when you can get the same strength and style in an aluminum fence. Contact Northwest Cedar Fence about our selection of budget-friendly designs.

Aluminum Fence Ideas

Get inspired with our collection of aluminum fences.

Go the traditional route with a classic Colonial, or opt for a striking Monarch style. Got a little rascal that loves to run around the yard? Keep your kids and pets safe with a Heritage Double or Colonial Puppy. Make a statement with our clean, sleek designs. Check out our fence gallery!

black aluminum fence in front of stone house

Semi-Private Aluminum Fence

Looking for a fence that gives you a little more privacy but still offers a glimpse at the neighborhood? Allow for a peek of your yard without sacrificing peace of mind with a semi-private fence. Choose between a horizontal or vertical design to match your ideal-looking fence. Depending on the number of fence panels and their width, you’ll have better control of the visibility of your yard. And when everyone in the neighborhood is out and about, an aluminum semi private fence can help keep the noise down.

Black Aluminum Privacy Fence

If security is your top priority, you’ll want to invest in an aluminum privacy fence. A privacy fence is a solid design that can deter suspicious characters, keep pets and children safe, and block out excessive noise. Of course, you should have a chat with your neighbors first, so they don’t think it’s because of something they said. Let them know it’s purely about keeping your family happy and secure, something we can all understand.

Black aluminum fence
patio set with aluminum fence around backyard

Aluminum Fence Style Choices

Let us help you create a fence that’ll fit your privacy and safety needs. Here are some things to consider.

• Height Of The Fence

Choose a height based on things that you’re trying to keep in and keep out. A taller fence can help keep your dog from escaping and stop deer from entering. But if you’re after aesthetics, the fence can come at any length that pleases you.

• Need Residential Or Commercial Grade?

Homeowners aren’t stuck with only choosing residential options. If you need a strong, sturdy fence, consider commercial-grade options. We’ll help you pick the right picket sizes, length of fence sections, and more.

• Fence Style And Number Of Rails

Most modern aluminum fences feature 2-4 rails per section and one of these designs:

Flat top – Most people choose to cover all picket heads with a flat rail top.
Exposed spears – Make your point with a design that features exposed spearheads.
Flat top with spears – Get the best of both worlds. This style features spare heads with a flat rail above them.

• Fence Post Caps

Have the best-looking fence in the neighborhood with a post cap. Choose between spears, triads, and quads.

• Color Of The Fence

Choose between black or Bronze (available upon request).

Ready to Start the Process?