Privacy Fence

Nosey neighbors? The dog running loose again?

You deserve your privacy—and peace of mind.

Our wood and vinyl privacy fences are durable, versatile, and can withstand strong hurricane-force winds.

Whether you’re concerned about your fence matching your contemporary home or need to keep your kids safe in a busy neighborhood, Northwest Cedar is here to show that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for security. Get the most out of your backyard with a privacy fence.

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Why Choose a Privacy Fence

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Wood Privacy Fence

Cedar panels will provide maximum privacy with minimal need for maintenance. Their strength and beauty can accentuate any architectural style.

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Vinyl Privacy Fence

Vinyl fences are affordable, stylish, and allocate plenty of room for creativity. They’re strong and can provide a lifetime of privacy.

Want To Create Your Private Oasis?

Privacy Fence Ideas

See how a privacy fence can complement your backyard. Browse our collection of high-quality fence designs.

Cedar Privacy Fences

Love the look of a wooden fence? Then explore your options with a cedar privacy fence. It’s perfect for keeping kids and pets secure in your yard. Take a dip in your pool without wondering if anyone is staring. The solid posts create a barrier between you and the neighborhood, maintaining your privacy and controlling excessive noise. It’s also resistant to rot and insects and stands strong against hail, sleet, rain, and the sun. Browse through various fence styles to find the one that fits your ideal look.

Cedar Privacy Fence
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Vinyl Privacy Fence

When choosing the type of fence you want, consider how it can complement your landscaping. Vinyl privacy fences do just that—no wonder they’re the most popular option. But this fence offers more than good looks. It’s the ideal choice for deterring unwanted guests—both human and animal—from disturbing your children, pets, and peace. If you live on a bustling street, invest in a fence that’ll keep all that noise away from your yard. Browse our selection of vinyl fence styles and consider adding post caps to your vinyl fence for an even better look.

Aluminum Privacy Fence

You have a beautiful yard, but that doesn’t mean you want to share it with the whole neighborhood. Invest in a solid aluminum privacy fence and keep passers-by from peeking into your yard. This fencing material will help control noise levels while protecting your kids and pets from outside intruders. The solid appearance of an aluminum privacy fence can be a little intimidating to neighbors. Be sure to talk with them to reassure them it had nothing to do with them. Check out your options of fence styles, heights, and more.

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