Cedar Fence

Cedar Fencing

A cedar fence is an eco-friendly option that can withstand temperamental Midwestern weather, require little maintenance, and will provide lasting security over the next 30 years. Achieve your American dream with a cedar fence as bold as Northwest Cedar’s. Ready to get started on your cedar wood fence process? Take a look at cedar fence posts and cedar privacy fence options. 

Cedar Fence Posts, Cedar Fence Spaced

Why Choose Cedar Fencing

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Cedar wood fence lasts a lot longer than other types of wood due to its natural decay-resistant oils and ability to adapt to moisture content.

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The smell of cedar is unmistakable — especially after a fresh rainfall. Imagine you’re living among the trees and enjoying the aroma of a cedar fence all year.
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Increases Home Value

Cedar fences are aesthetically and architecturally pleasing to prospective buyers, which boosts the value of your home.
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Traditional cedar fence panels are strong and low maintenance, which means you’ll end up saving money over time.

We’re Picky About Fence Wood

That’s why we use high-quality cedar to manufacture beautiful, long-lasting fences. Contact our cedar fence contractors to learn how a cedar fence can enhance your home.

Our Cedar Wood Fence

Adding cedar fence panels renders high-end aesthetics, insulates your property, and increases the value of your home. Open up your imagination and explore our selection of fine cedar fences.

Cedar Semi-Private

Looking for something that gives you privacy and security without completely restricting your outside view? What you want is a semi private cedar fence. This type of fence gives you the best of both worlds—significant privacy with just enough room for a peek at your surroundings.

Some styles of semi private fences may offer more privacy depending on post spacing, so selecting the correct one is important. Our team can help you choose the style best for you and will work on getting the right measurements to start the project.

Cedar Wood Fence Spaced

Explore Cedar Fence Posts

• Notched Top Cedar Privacy Fence

This style offers an appealing look with a solid feel that leaves you with just the right amount of privacy.

• Scalloped Fence

With an unmistakably charming design, this style offers security and curb appeal.

• Shadow Box Fence

This style looks identical on both of its sides, with enough space between posts to see through.

• Windsor-Style Cedar

For those who love the unique basket weave design but want something that leaves more space for daylight.

• Highland Style Cedar

Discover a fence style that’s aesthetically pleasing and functional.

• Cedar Picket Fence

You can’t go wrong with a classic picket style fence that looks great and maintains your privacy without blocking your view entirely.

Shadow Box Cedar Fencing

Cedar Shadow Box Fence

Do you love the look of your yard but love your privacy a little more? Then you want a shadow box design. Featuring a vertical wood slab on opposite sides of the fence, it stands strong and maintains some privacy. The design allows just enough daylight for you to catch a glimpse of the neighborhood while making it hard for the neighbors to look in. It also helps control the wind, which means fewer blown-over pots or damaged gardens.

Explore Cedar Fence Posts

• Horizontal Fence

With its long, sleek lines, this horizontal fence is the contemporary look you’re after.

• Slatted Wood

Featuring thin horizontal slats, this privacy fence leaves just enough space for passing wind and just a small bit of visibility.

• Cedar Picket Fence

Love the classic picket fence look but want fewer neighbors peering into your yard? This is your fence.

• Lattice Fence

For some added vibrance to your yard, consider the lattice fence. It doesn’t offer as much privacy but doubles down on the charm.

Cedar Privacy Fence

If privacy and security are your priority, you can’t go wrong with a cedar solid fence. Create a safe space for your kids and dogs to play and help control noise and climate. When the neighborhood gets busy, your fence will help decrease noise so you can enjoy the day in peace. Cedar privacy fence also holds strong against whatever mother nature throws at it, like hail, sleet, and gusts of wind. You don’t have to worry about it rotting or insects plaguing your new fence as it’s resistant to both. No matter which style or approach you choose, you’re always getting the most peace of mind out of a cedar privacy fence.

Cedar Privacy Fence

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