Cedar Fences

Strong, Earthy, and Timeless

Cedar fences are an eco-friendly option that can withstand temperamental Midwestern weather, require little maintenance, and will provide lasting security over the next 30 years. Achieve your American dream with a cedar fence as bold as Northwest Cedar’s.

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Why Choose Cedar Fencing

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Cedarwood lasts a lot longer than other types of wood due to its natural decay-resistant oils and ability to adapt to moisture content.
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The smell of cedar is unmistakable — especially after a fresh rainfall. Imagine you’re living among the trees and enjoying the aroma of a cedar fence all year.
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Increases Home Value

Cedar fences are aesthetically and architecturally pleasing to prospective buyers, which boosts the value of your home.

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Traditional cedar fence panels are strong and low maintenance, which means you’ll end up saving money over time.

We’re Picky About Materials

That’s why we use high-quality cedar to manufacture beautiful, long-lasting fences. Contact our team to learn how a cedar fence can enhance your home.

Our Cedar Fences

Adding cedar fence panels renders high-end aesthetics, insulates your property, and increases the value of your home. Open up your imagination and explore our selection of fine cedar fences.

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