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How To Fix Gap Under Fence

Have you noticed gaps under your fence lately? Don’t worry—you don’t have to deal with the aesthetic problems or the wildlife that can sneak in because of them. There are myriad ways to fix your fence gap without breaking the bank or wasting your weekend. 

The solution to your fence gap will depend on the material that your fence is made of. Let’s discuss the different fixes for your fence gap, how it differs between wood and vinyl materials, and the best way to cover up gaps underneath fence gates. 

How to Fix Gap Under Vinyl Fence

Gaps under a vinyl fence are usually caused by the land underneath sloping and creating a hollow space between the ground and the bottom of the fence. Vinyl is an inflexible material, so it can be tricky to fix these gaps. 

For vinyl fences that are built on steep ground, an option is to reinstall all of the fencing entirely while taking into account the slope of the land. Because vinyl doesn’t flex or bend, it will have to be fit into brackets and cut at an angle so that the rails are still plumb with the post. If they aren’t plumb, it can cause excess stress on the railing, which could result in warping the posts. 

Another option is to use a rock or small stones to fill in the gap. You can lay down stones before installing the paneling or use them to fill in gaps as they arise. This is an extremely cost-effective solution and they can be moved as needed. Similarly, a raised garden bed could be installed in front of the hole, and dirt can be used to fill the gap. 

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How to Fix Gap Under Fence Gate

If you find that you have a gap under your fence gate, the easiest and quickest solution is to use filler materials. If you need your fence gate to open and close, chicken wire is an excellent choice for filler material. If your gate is just for aesthetics, then you could use wood blocks or even cement to fill the gap. 

How to Fix Gap Under Wooden Fence

Because wood fences expand and contract with the weather, the gap sizes in your fence can vary from season to season. If they become too big, they could allow wildlife to come into your yard or allow your pets to escape, so it’s best that large gaps are fixed quickly.

Some fence gap blocker techniques are: 

  • Adding new slates: shift the boards over and add new slates to fill the gaps.
  • Using vinyl woven straps: covering the gaps with vinyl woven straps is quick and cost-effective, but not as visually appealing.
  • Line the fence with hedges: plant hedges symmetrically along the fence helps to cover gaps and adds more detail to your landscaping.
  • Build a raised garden: a raised garden allows you to cover the gaps and add beauty to your fence.
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Bottom of Fence Gate Ideas

If you have gaps underneath your fence made from any material, there are many elegant and cost-effective solutions available to fill or cover these gaps. 

These include: 

  • Raised flower beds
  • Symmetrical hedges
  • Chain links 
  • Wooden Blocks
  • Cement Blocks
  • Excess panels

Consider the materials of your fence, your budget, and your needs to choose the right solution for you. 

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