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6 Benefits of a Privacy Fence

If you’re sick of making small talk with your neighbor who wears nothing but a robe and slippers, then it’s time to consider a privacy fence. No one likes nosey neighbors and, let’s be honest, we see things we just don’t want to see. Luckily, we install privacy fences so you don’t have to worry about Norm’s afternoon sun baths ever again.

Keep reading to find out how a privacy fence from Northwest Cedar Fence Company can transform your backyard into the oasis you’ve always wanted.

Why You Should Get a Privacy Fence


The best part about a privacy fence is its fence posts. This is what separates a regular fence from a privacy fence. Whether made of wood or vinyl, privacy fences feature tightly placed posts to prevent peeking eyes from peeping through (try saying that five times fast).

Noise Reduction

If you live along a busy expressway or your neighbors are having late-night bashes in the backyard, a privacy fence will work in your favor. Privacy fences not only provide privacy, but they’re also effective at reducing noise. Drown out those drunken conversations next door, or get some peace and quiet from five o’clock traffic.

Added Security 

Have you noticed an influx of missing outdoor items? Are your pets going nuts? You never know who or what is lurking around your property. Trespassers and animals like skunks and raccoons can easily find their way into an unprotected yard.  Installing a privacy fence can keep these unwanted guests out while keeping your pets and loved ones in.

Increased Safety

As a homeowner, safety is your top priority—especially if you have little ones running around like wild animals. The last thing you want to discover is your pet or child escaping your yard. Similarly, you don’t want intruders entering your yard. Protect your home from the unexpected with a durable privacy fence. 

Adds Dimension

Aesthetics are a big benefit of privacy fences. They look great and, if you opt for cedar, they smell sensational. Privacy fences add a much-needed dimensional layer to your yard for that added boost of aesthetic appeal you’ve been craving.

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Can Increase Home Value

Yes, a privacy fence can increase the resale value of your home. Whether you’re planning to sell or not, prospective buyers will turn heads for homes with a privacy fence over homes without one. Add that value to your home and reap the benefits of a beautiful privacy fence from Northwest Cedar.

Benefits of a Wood Privacy Fence
Remember when we said cedar fences smell great? Cedar fences are classic and timeless additions to any backyard, but what makes a cedar fence unique is its durability and weather resistance. Enjoy the earthy smell of cedar, and relish the glow of a strong, rustic fence that stands the test of time.

Install the Privacy You Deserve With Northwest CedarWhether you’re sick of your neighbor’s sunbathing or you want to catch some rays yourself with no one watching, you can do it all behind the privacy of a well-built privacy fence. Northwest Cedar Fence Company has been the leading fence company in Illinois for over a century. Get started today by calling us at (815) 362-1045 or scheduling a free at-home consultation online.

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